Plant a Tree for hope.
Plant for possibilities,
plant for a memory,
plant for the future...

Dear one,

We are excited to introduce you to the
Plant a Hope program created by We
Help to support people in our community 
in a new a revitalizing way. 

Plant a Hope involves
planting trees across Vermont
for purposes set forth by our partners.

One might choose to plant to symbolize new beginnings, new found hope,
to consecrate a life event, or to honor the
memory of a loved one who has passed. 

No matter the meaning behind your
planting, we have made it our priority to
treat each planting with utmost respect.

The  planting will include your tree’s seed,
and a message that you
would like to speak into the ethereal
to mark this one of a kind event.

Every message we receive  is
uploaded into our message portal on
this website, to encourage those who
might be struggling with difficult thoughts,
or the families of those who have
lost loved ones.

We will plant your tree in a 
state forest during the spring or
fall, and you will receive a picture of 
of the event and coordinates.

Planting a tree through Plant a Hope 
helps to support the environment and
with your $30 donation will
continue the missions of We Help to
increase awareness and support in 
the community for addiction, homelessness
and suicide prevention.

If you would like to
participate in Plant a Hope, simply fill
out the form on our website. Once we
receive your information, we will reach
out to you to discuss 
the details of your planting.

Pease do not hesitate to
reach out to us if you
have any questions.

Thank you!

Our Trees

Choose the tree you would like to plant.

Royal Empress

Colorado Blue Spruce

Plant a Hope Contact
& Donation.

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to Share your info & Message with us.

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Plant a Hope Application.

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