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Below you will find messages created by caring 
community members  who reside  near the 
cities, towns and farms where We Help serves.

These amazing people have made a choice to 
give in ways that amaze even those of us
who have been on the forefront of mental health 
and suicide prevention for years. These massages 
of hope are purposed to stand as a pillar of 
positivity, hope and healing for 
generations to come...

~Life is all about trials but
whenever you get depressed, 
think about God and pray deeply~
- Anthony

You are loved~
Reach out for help~
We care~
We love you~
- Veronica

You are loved~
- Stephanie & Patrick

~Look up when you're down
and allow yourself to 
grow like the trees~
- Sheila

~There's no few words to 
help your pain go away. 
Know that you're loved by
many and there's someone
out there that wants to
see your smile,
wipe away your tears
and support you.
- Stephanie

~One day at a time,
one minute at a time~
- Cassie

~You are worth it!!
- Hillary

~I will miss you!
- Jesse S.

~It will pass, I promise 
you are strong enough!
Nothing is forever. Don't
ever be afraid to ask 
for help. We love you.

~you are 

~We love you zano,
always in our thoughts.

~There is much more
beyond your town,
beyond today,
Beyond what you know 
-Emma B.

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