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Table fundraising provides an opportunity for WE HELP to raise awareness and engage directly with members of the community, build relationships, and secure crucial funding to support our programs and services. Additionally, table fundraising events can be a fun and interactive way to involve volunteers and supporters in the organization's work.

It is important for WE HELP to ensure that our table fundraising efforts are carried out in a professional and ethical manner, following all relevant regulations and guidelines. 

My name is Hector Guzman. I have struggled with addiction for 19 years. Being an addict for 19 years I lost all of my possessions and identity. After graduating a drug recovery program I started to seek my identity back by getting my birth certificate, social security card and drivers license. So I went to the community to find support and here is where I found We Help Inc. I asked We Help if they could help me financially to get my drivers license back. My proposal was accepted and I was able to retain my driving privilege's. The members of We Help have been through many of the same trials facing addiction and it is their heart to help ease the sober journey of those of us that want to make a better life. Please partner with them in anyway your heart feels lead.

My name is Derek and I came into Adult & Teen Challenge Vermont severely broken. I’ve been to multiple secular programs, detoxes, had more hospital visits than I can even remember. I avoided this program like the plague cause I didn’t want to go to a faith based program or a 12-15 month program. But after losing everything having nothing left I turned my life over to God and surrendered to His will. Twelve months later I graduated the program and I am now an apprentice giving back and helping those who have lost their way, find there way to redemption just as others and Christ did for me. Even after graduating the program I still have court mandates to complete from my 3rd OUI, which I has been postponed by my lawyer so I could complete the program. I was looking at jail time but the Lord had other plans for me. Finishing my court requirements is my final step to put my old life behind me and moving forward in my christian walk. I am currently scheduled to complete my court requirements on October 19th and then walk the stage for graduation October 21st. Being selected for this monetary assistance couldn’t of come at a better time, to finally put the past behind me and graduate. This is a key example of how God works in our lives. A man bought a ticket and said if he won to give it back to the ministry, he was 1 in over 800 tickets, 0.1248% chance to be drawn, his ticket was drawn, that same day I brought boards to the founder of this non profit and then proceeded to tell me this and that if I had a finical burden it would go towards it. This all happened in one day and I wasn’t even scheduled to meet with him that day. I currently have no money to my name, my mom was going to pull this money out of her Christmas fund to help me pay for the program but thanks to the non-profit W.E.H.E.L.P the financial burden of this program is relieved and I can now completely put my past behind me and move forward with a second Chance in this life with The Lord as my savior. Anything is possible through Christ and I am a living testimony of His work His grace and most importantly His love. Thank you We Hope for this amazing second chance at life!!!

My name is William Gonzalez I am 34 years old and was born in New York City and was raised in Bridgeport CT, I was lost, broken, bitter and ashamed I lost my job and wasn’t allow to see my son due to my addiction that I was battling since I was 18 years old. Before I got help last year of June 28, 2021 when I got to the program I told God that I was going to surrender my whole life to him I wasn’t going to hold back I was going to do it God’s way not means and since that day I been bless I went back to school and should be graduating sometime this year the school is going to pay for my trade school once I get my diploma and since I been here I got to meet a good brother name John from W.E. H.E.L.P. And I have the privilege to help him get to help other people that come out the program that need help getting back on there feet with money for there license or a apartment so I continue to help give people the same opportunity that was given to me and my family is being restored as well I’m learning how to be the father that God wants me to be and he is also working on the relationship between me and my son’s mother. I am so grateful that the mercy and grace that God has shown on my life and can’t wait to see what else he has plan for my life