Plant a Tree for Hope.

all proceeds to support
suicide prevention,
and awareness for
addiction and homelessness.

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Why We Help?

The founder of  WE  HELP experienced 8 years of intermittent homelessness and 20 years of addiction. He was intimately acquainted with struggle. Born out of a desire to help the underdogs of the world find peace and needed assistance, we believe that it takes a village to help those struggling but sometimes it also takes a few brave souls willing to be selfless.

3 States

We are currently operating in Vermont, NH and Upstate New York. 

4 Finished Projects

Our projects on suicide prevention, addiction, homelessness, Parkinson's & autism are ongoing.

$42,000 Given

Since our inception, We Help has provided daily relief to our service areas.

We Help in the Community

"As a start-up nonprofit, our brand has been working tirelessly to earn the trust and collaboration of the communities we serve. On location, at many of your favorite local stores, WE HELP is looking to join forces with the caring members of each community to create an atmosphere where people know they are not alone."

"We are Making a meaningful difference in the underserved communities affected by suicide, homelessness, and addiction."

Our Partners

0ur work made possible by the following: