Welcome to We Help Inc.

Hello and welcome to We Help Inc.  My name is John and I am forever grateful that you have come to my site.   Whether you are 8 years old  or 98 years old, I want you to know that You Are Important.  I may have met you out in the community or perhaps someone has shared this site with you.  As you scroll through the different pages here, I ask that you begin to realize that I care deeply about you.  I know what it is to feel pain, to have lost love.  I understand the tragedy of loss and the suffering associated with depression and mental health.  I do solemnly hope that in some way you join with me on this mission.  There are many options to participate such as trying out some coaching sessions, planting a tree for hope, volunteering your time, donating with your whole heart or coming to work with us here as an ambassador and fundraiser.  I believe  that our creative thoughts help to change our atmosphere and so each moment I keep a vision in the forefront of my mind of this organization being the leader all over the world in the battle against suicide prevention and awareness.  Please check out the future of We Help Inc in the menu.  As I part from you temporarily, I would like you to know that if you happened upon this site, you are right where you need to be!